Monday, March 12, 2012

3 months old!

Landen is 3 months old today!! Where did the time go?!? We have been to Blackshear to meet and visit all the family, we've been to Atlanta to visit his Great Grandma and Grandpa Adams, and he has enjoyed 2 weeks with his Gi Gi when I started back to work and 2 weeks with his Mo Mo and Bop after that! What a lucky boy! He will be starting with his new Nanny tomorrow and I'm a little anxious. Hoping its a smooth transition (for me more than him, I think). He is doing great! He's rolling over, from stomach to back and back to stomach, sometimes even doing a continuous roll across the living room floor (which he apparently only wants to do for MoMo and Bop). He is trying desperately to communicate with us and is learning more and more everyday to use his hands with more accuracy. He loves Elmo, bath time, playing with his soccer and his rattles, and loves staring and "talking" to his family. It's so much fun having him around. We are trying desperately to create a schedule for this kid, but he doesn't always agree and cooperate with the plan, but I think we are making progress. We love watching him grow and change everyday!!!

Just started rolling over from his back to his stomach

Landen loves his Elmo!

Always thinking...

Spit happens....a lot!

Landen's first downtown stroll

Chewing on his hands...he's worried about something.

our little soccer player

Passed out!

Visiting Great Grandma and Grandpa Adams

Having fun with Grandma!

with Mama and Gi Gi (Gi Gi's last day in town) :(

with cousin Rusty in Blackshear

with Papa Deen

hanging out with Aunt Ada and Uncle Bud

all the ladies flock around the baby

Four Generations