Saturday, February 2, 2013

Preparations for the new house

So, we're have finally figured out our house plans!  We have everything finalized and are waiting on the bank to close on the loan!  It's so exciting!  We are doing a lot of the house projects on our to save money and because we want to add our own unique style to the plans.  So, our first project is the kitchen island.  We are building our own and putting in our own sink and dishwasher complete with a concrete countertop.  Matt and John have been working very hard on this and the island is going to be awesome!  We can't wait to see the finished product!  

Working/watching in John's workshop

Matt measuring for the cabinet bottoms

Building the mold for the concrete countertop

Matt and I next to the island

Concrete is poured.  Matt is vibrating it with a sander to get the air bubbles out and to make it as smooth as possible.

Notice the piles of wood flooring in the background (yet another DIY project on our list)

Christmas Photo Shoot--Bardot and Landen

These are so hilarious that I had to put all 28 pictures up!  So, this house in Blackshear is always decorated a lot at Christmas, so we had this great idea to get some good pictures of Landen and Bardot together on the porch.  However, Landen had other ideas about that and cried the entire time, while Bardot sat perfectly and looked at him like he was crazy.  Aunt Ada, April, and I could not stop laughing!  We will laugh about this forever!  Love these!

I think this is the best one!

Christmas Time in Blackshear!

Matt, Landen, and I went down to Blackshear for Christmas this year.  It was a great visit and was a special trip because Landen was able to meet his cousin Bardot, who lives in California and his cousin Amris was home for the holidays as well.  It was really great to see everyone and it is always hard to leave.  Landen and Bardot were born one day apart, so of course we had to celebrate their birthdays again together.  Landen got A LOT of great birthday and Christmas presents from everyone and had lots of time to play and share with Bardot and the rest of the family.

Our failed attempt at a family picture....thanks, Landen

LT opening Christmas presents at GiGi's and Papa Deen's house
Hanging out with Uncle Josh
Landen and Uncle Joshie Poo

Staying dry...

Going to see the horses.

Josh and Landen photo shoot

Playing with GiGi

Walking around in my new boots

Riding in Bardot and Landen's new wagon....Thanks, GiGi and Aunt Ada!

Standing in Papa Deen's boots

Cruising the streets of Blackshear

Bardot and her Aunt Glenna

Sweet, beautiful baby her!

All the babies wanted Matt.  April passing out food.

Bardot :)

Sharing toys

Happy boy

Playing at MaMa's

Riding around together

Riding on Aunt April's old pony...this thing has been around awhile.  

They need to start making these again, the kids loved it!

"GiGi is going to get me!"

Papa Deen wrangling LT

Bardot helping me give Landen a bath

Landen playing in his new tunnel from GiGi and Papa Deen, definitely one of his favorites.