Friday, June 22, 2012

Landen watching Ella catch bubbles!

One of Landen's favorite things to do is to watch the dogs do anything!  Yesterday, he got a big kick out of watching Ella catch bubbles...I love this video!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

6 months old

Tornado Taylor....that is our new nickname for Landen.  Everywhere he goes, it looks like a tornado has come through.  
Once again, we are amazed at how fast Landen is growing and changing.  He can get anywhere he needs to go...and fast!  He can now sit up on his own and has even pulled up on one of our chairs by himself once.  He and Daddy are having lots of fun together during the day (I have one more week of work and I'll be hanging out too!)  They've been going to the pool, running errands, playing with the chicken and the dogs (he LOVES the dogs), and other very manly things!  Here are some new pics... 

 Pool party for Shelby's 3rd birthday!

 Testing the waters...and not liking them...

 Shelby and Megan

 Hanging out with Uncle Trip

 Sleepy baby, pool parties are hard work!

Mo Mo and Bop

Too cool!

Uncle Trip is already giving him beer!

Landen at the pool in Black Mountain (our new favorite hangout)

LT in his shades

At the pool

Watching the big kids play

Sitting with Daddy in the water

Up at the garden to get some veggies

Hanging out at the shed

June 12, 2012--6 months old today!!

On the move!

"Yes!  I'm hungry again!"