Sunday, April 28, 2013

A cute, squirmy boy named Landen!

I feel like I haven't been putting on many pictures of Landen lately with all of the house progress, so here are a few.  Landen is almost 17 months old and he is CRAZY!!!  He is all boy, he is into everything and would stay outside all day if we would let him.  He loves books and has been particularly interested in Corduroy lately.  Today has been a really nasty, rainy day and in lieu of playing outside, we took a trip to Barnes & Noble and found a stuffed Corduroy teddy bear and had to get it!  Landen insisted on carrying it around for the rest of our errands....through the mall and in Home Depot, and has been snuggling with him since we got home.  It is difficult to get him to sit still for any pictures and this series of attempts were so cute that I had to put them all on the blog.  Here's our boy!!!

Landen sitting in his chair with Corduroy

Daddy trying to set up LT and Corduroy for the picture...Landen of course thinks this is funny!

Silly boy!

Never stops squirming!


Sweet boy hugging his bear!

Landen reading Corduroy to Corduroy!  Look at that face!

The house on the hill!

This house is taking shape!  And quickly!  As promised, we went up today and took some pictures.  It is a rainy, dreary day and because I was getting pretty wet, I didn't take very many pictures, but here are the latest of the house progress!

They are getting the outside wall up and the plastic on.

View from the driveway

The front door

Side door and you can still see front door on the right.

Again from driveway

From above on driveway.

We're looking forward to this being our home!!!

The new house

So, the house is coming along!  These picture aren't even the most up to date. I'll be going up today to take more pictures and post another blog this afternoon.  The plan is for us to put in the kitchen island this Friday after work.  We're enlisting the help of some friends and family and hope that all goes smoothly.  More pics to come soon.....

View from below

The walls are going up

This will be the downhill view

Looking down on the house from above

Coming up the driveway

They've started the second story floor

Me and LT in the kitchen

View from above

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring Time Excitement

Spring is here!!!  And along with the house being built, we're starting a little gardening.  We've started some vegetables seeds.  We're waiting another week to plant some of the vegetable plants in the ground, but we've been planting some flowers for the season!  

Landen and Daddy planting

What a big helper!

Watching Daddy work

LT--large and in charge!

Daddy and Landen standing in the new basement!

Basement pics

Another angle....Landen is the cleaning crew.

Stairs going up to ground floor.

Stairs and basement

Ella and Red checking out their new stomping ground!

Standing on the floor of first floor

This will be the view from our living room!  Not bad!