Sunday, June 30, 2013

House on the Mountain!

We are still working on the interior stair parts of the house.  Matt and John and making progress, but there is still a fair amount of work left to go.  The septic tank and equipment has been delivered    and I assume they will be out tomorrow (Monday) to get that started.  Friday, they started with the back fill and we talked to the guys about some of the plans we have for excavation (driveway, parking, yard, etc) and I am guessing that they will be working on that tomorrow too.  We moved the island in place yesterday and can now get a better feel of what the kitchen setup will be.  We have a lot of work to do, but it is all moving along very quickly!

Filling dirt around the house

Back fill

One newel post up and John working on the second!!!  Woohoo!

Matt's trim work, just needs to be stained now

Sanding the other side

Clamped while the glue dries

Matt admiring the work.  The second newel post is in!

More trim the light up for working at night.

Concrete countertop, take 2......concrete is poured!

The kitchen with the island in place...yes, it's very large!

Looking good...the island, that is...

Looking down into the kitchen from upstairs

Adjusting the island

Freshly stained trim, looking up from downstairs, there will eventually be handrails, bottom rails, and balusters.

Working on first handrail upstairs

Bop teaching Landen how to use the tools.

Handrail and bottom rail

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trim Work

Trim work is almost finished in the house.  The only thing left are the base boards on the 1st floor. Matt and John have started the stair project and it's looking great!  

Upstairs bedroom with trim

Upstairs trim

Bear print in the driveway! Yikes!

Trim on floor at the top of the stairs (Matt and John started today)
It will soon have railing and balusters!

Same trim, we'll stain it after it's down.

Hand rail and stair trim

From the top

Swannanoa Sunset

A Trip to the Farm

Matt and I took Landen to the Warren Wilson Farm the other day and had fun watching him react to the animals.  He is always surprised to see the real size and sounds of the animals he sees in his books. 

Landen's favorite was the cows.  I think he was a little surprised at how big and loud they are. 

Daddy and LT 

Monday, June 24, 2013

Cousin Time and House Updates

We got to go and visit Shelby post-operation the other night and you would never know she just had surgery.  She is her normal self and we are all thankful and happy to have her home.  Harding (the beach bum) had just gotten back from the beach and played with Landen a lot as usual. 

House progress continues.  The cabinets have arrived and are being installed as we speak!  We are still (and will be for a while) working on trim work, island details, stairs, etc that we will soon be putting into the house...supposedly starting this weekend.  

Harding telling Landen he can't go outside

Landen, Harding, and Daddy going out for a walk

Landen and Shelby playing with blocks

The cabinet delivery

kitchen cabinets

A living room full of cabinets

Matt's new concrete countertop mold

Matt working on newel posts for our interior stairs

Landen giving Red some love!

I am always amazed at how tolerant our dogs are of LT.  He sure does love them and would lay on them all day if we let him.

Regina wants to go for a Kubota ride...our chicken thinks she's a dog.

Hugging Ella

Stairs at house. This is a before picture, it's about to look a lot different.

Top of stairs..again, a before picture.


Gluing pieces of hickory together to make the top bar surface for our island.

The newel posts for stairs...finished, stained, and varnished.

Painted stair risers white and they are drying with island countertop.

Kitchen cabinets are in!!!

Upstairs bathroom cabinets, not finished with installation yet.

Master bathroom halfway done

Cabinets and tub in master bathroom

Ella and Red checking out the new pad.