Sunday, July 28, 2013

Hard Work and Hanging out with GiGI!

We have been enjoying Gi Gi visits and we have all been working very hard to get the house looking good!  Gi Gi will be here until Thursday and we will be sad to see her go.  We were hoping to be able to move in before she left, but we're still not sure exactly when that will be.  Keeping our fingers crossed that the power will come soon!

Gi Gi and Landen reading before bedtime.

Landen made Gi Gi read to all his animals!  Too funny!

Mo Mo is doing some landscaping for us!

Gi Gi smoothing out the banks so we can put out some grass seed.

Bop watching the boy--one of the most difficult jobs!

LT playing while we work

Playing in the rocks

The new walkway Matt put down.

We've put out a lot of grass seed and hay, now it just has to sprout!

Working on some landscaping

More grass seed and hay

Flooring Project Complete!!

I've been slacking on my posts the last couple of days, but after 6 days of hard work, the flooring project is complete!!  The cleaning crew has been here and things are starting to look better and cleaner.  We are still waiting for the power company to dig a line to the house and then hopefully we will get the C.O. shortly after.  We are going to call them tomorrow to find out when they are coming.  Here are the pictures of the flooring after the house has been cleaned. 

Dining room


Kitchen and entrance to master bedroom

Living room and kitchen

Stairs, Gi Gi is painting the risers.

Living room

View from the kitchen

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Flooring Project-Day 4 & 5

The flooring is almost finished!  We should be finishing up tomorrow, we only have about 2/3 of the master bedroom left.  We are now working with scraps and will probably have to go back to Blue Ridge Surplus to buy a little more of the mosaic flooring in order to complete the project.  We have enlisted more volunteers also.  My mom, Glenna (aka Gi Gi), got here on Sunday to visit us all and help with the house and moving process, and Pete (Tiff's dad) has come out and helped the last two days.  They have both been tremendous help!  And, of course, John and Barbara are also doing much more than we could ever ask for (as always)!  We are thankful for this!  Here are the latest pictures...

Beginning of day 4, working our way into the kitchen

Day 4

Living room

John and Pete working their way through the room (day 4)

Stove is in! 

Kitchen floor

Glenna finding wood for the men.

Everyone's busy!

View from upstairs

LT working hard and protecting his ears from the loud construction!

Checking out the progress

Day 5, almost finished with the living room, just need the section in front of the back door.

Living room and kitchen (day 5)

The painters were here today, touching up and painting trim.  This picture is of him cleaning the windows and getting the labels off.

Day 5, master bedroom is started.  John and Pete nailing them in!

Living room finished!!!  

End of day 5, about 1/3 of the bedroom finished.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Flooring Project-Day 2 & 3

Yesterday was the 2nd day of the flooring project.  Although we made a lot of progress, it is hard to tell because of this long tedious hallway to the side entrance.  It took a while to finish, but we are now moving along through the living and reached the kitchen today.  

Day 2-hallway to side entrance

Day 2

Hallway finished!!

Day 3-Matt and John working hard

Day 3-stopping point @ 5:30ish

First couple of rows into the kitchen!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Floor Project-Day 1

So, we started putting down the hardwood floor yesterday with the help of Trip, Tiff, John, and Barb!  A lot of time was spent just carrying the wood from John and Barb's basement up to the new house and then separating the wood into the different widths.  It will be a lot of work putting it down, but as you can see, it is going to look really good when we're finished.  Now that there are a lot of piles separated by size, I think today's work will go a little more smoothly.  Here are some new pictures of what's going on.

The beginning of the floor project

Up close at the mosaic flooring

This is about where we stopped yesterday.

Appliances also arrived Friday, they are not installed yet, but are in place and look good.

Mantle is attached!  Now we just need to put some stone around the fireplace.

The island countertop is also attached!  Looks good and will sort of match our mosaic flooring.

That's all for now, I'll try to keep updating the floor progress daily.