Tuesday, May 22, 2012

5 Months old!

Landen is growing up so fast!  It's hard to believe he is almost 6 months old!  He is getting so big and we love to watch him continuously learning and exploring new things.  He is moving all over.....squirming while you are holding him and "crawling" around.

Bouncing around..

 Sweet boy!

He loves his Ella!!

Hiked up to pick some lettuce, getting ready to head back down.


With Daddy at the WNC Nature Center

 Watch out for the bobcat.

Hanging with friends and family at the garden.

 The big kids

Eating...I love eating!

And eating...

 And eating!

And taking baths!

And of course, watching Ella do anything!

Being 5 months old is FUN!!

Landen's first beach trip!!!

For Spring Break this year we went to Edisto Beach with the Edwards and the Alexanders.  It was awesome!! Great weather, great friends!  Landen wasn't always sure about the water (it was very cold), but he did love playing in the sand (well...eating it)!  Looking forward to many more beach trips (when our kid sleeps through the night!) Ha!

 Landen with Daddy

 The older kids playing on the beach, looks like they buried Sofi!

 Family pic...thanks for not looking, L.

 Hard day at the beach

 Passed out

 Landen with River

Bill and the girls

Testing the waters...

Landen with Momma

And....the view of the marsh from our porch.  Not bad, huh?