Monday, May 20, 2013

Yard work and porches!

We've been trying to put in a little time in the yard, getting ready for Spring.  Landen is always such a huge help with any chore!  They've always finished the back and front porches of the house and even got the spindles put on today. Here are some pictures of the progress....things are coming along quickly!

Landen is Daddy's helper

Ella and Landen playing in his little house.

The house view when driving up the driveway.  It looks so much different with the porch. 

A vineyard with a view

Peas in the garden with a recycled iron headboard



Arugula and such

The hops are getting big.

Ella relaxing in the shade.

Matt and Landen flower garden

The porch addition


View from kitchen/living room doors

Josh and Glenna checking the place out.

love the porch

The new black spindles

Landen playing on his new porch.

Front porch

Monday, May 13, 2013

Kinnaird House

A few notable changes... 

They put the roof over the porch up, and dug the holes for the decking today.

More shots of the porch

Coming up the driveway

They've brought in the windows and doors!

Fireplace is in

Master bathroom shower/tub

Master bedroom window...the only one in so far.

View from our bedroom

Had to add a few of the boy.  This is just what he wants from everyone.....full attention!  He's figured out how to get it from the dogs.

Teasing them with the ball

All of our children....oops, forgot Regina, i'll give her a spot on the next blog!

Monday, May 6, 2013

A weekend with friends!

So, we had some people over Friday night to grill out and help us move the island into the new house at the top of the mountain.  I really wanted to get some pictures of the men carrying it inside, but the weather was nasty and we were trying to get dinner ready and didn't go up with them to watch.  However, the island is in and the progress is continuing, I will go up today and take some more pics to post.  (Landen and I are home today, Madison Co. schools closed for flood warnings..)  Also, Treece and Liza came to Asheville this weekend for a much needed visit!  It has been too long since we've gotten together! Anyway, here are some pics from the weekend.

Maya with Rocky (Trip and Tiff's new pup)

Rocky is soooo cute...and likes riding in Landen's car.

Silly pup

Maya and Rocky

Another one

Matt, Melissa, and Scotty

Sofi and Harding having a good time

Good times

Landen and Liza playing on the stairs (One of Landen's favorite games)


Playing in LT's room


Landen is NOT cooperating with Liza

Liza helping with bath time!  

Playing with puzzles!  Liza loves her new owl towel!

Aunt Treece reading to the kiddos!

Love this!

This and opening and closing all of the doors in the house are the new games we play!  Awesome, huh?!?

L and Aunt Treece


Me and Treecie

Our big boy using his spoon

Home from school, wearing my new flip flops!